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revlonUpon visiting my local boots, I saw that the colorburst matte and lacquer balms had finally been released, and on deal at 3 for 2! Initially I thought that I would only buy the matte balms as I’m not really one for gloss and definitely no glitter, but when swatching I was taken in by the pigmented shine of the lacquer balms and ended up buying two.

(Left) Matte Colorburst in 220 Showy, is a bright fuschia-like pink, these balms have great pigmentation and lasting power, I will definitely be picking up a few more (when my boots decides to stock all the colours that is).

(Middle) Lacquer Colorburst in 120 Vivacious, I love this hot pink, its bold and lasts really long too which I wouldn’t expect from a non-matte product, so very impressed. I really like the lacquer finish it makes the lips looks healthy and plump.

(Right) Lacquer Colorburst in 135 Provocateur, in the photo this looks so similar to Vivacious but it’s much more of a bold red and less pink in real life. It looks great on and like Vivacious lasts which is great for if you’re going out and don’t want to have to worry about your red lip ending up all over your face but nowhere to be seen on your lips. As gloss is sadly going to be on trend this year, these seem like a great alternative to damning yourself to a shimmering sticky gloss.

What do you think of the balms, matte or lacquer, what’s your favourite?