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When perusing the boots website I was drawn in by the discounted Nip + Fab products (I think they were 1/3 off) . I’ve recently been looking for affordable chemical exfoliants and noticed that Nip + Fab have a glycol if range so I thought I’d give a few of their products a try.


Firstly, my favourite, the serum. I’ve been swapping between using the Glycolic Fix Serum 3 nights a week and The Body shop Vitamin E Serum-in-oil for 4 nights of the week. The mornings after I use this I really notice a difference in my skin, it appears so much more smooth and soft. It’s not drying, and after a few minutes the slightly sticky texture has sunk in and vanished, overall I would really recommend this overnight exfoliant.

Secondly, the Cleanser, now I don’t dislike this, but nor do I love it. It’s quite a gel like texture which I don’t normally like as I find them to be rather drying, however I don’t find this to be drying when I use a small amount. You do have to apply it to a damp face for it to lather whereas I prefer to apply my cleansers to dry skin. After use I don’t notice a dramatic difference however I haven’t tested it on a daily basis so I wouldn’t say its written off yet. I think it works well as a second cleanse if you’re double cleansing because it doesn’t remove eye make up well (sting alert) but if you’re using it after a balm or oil cleanse which removes all make up, using this after does ensure you’ve removed all product effectively and has the added bonus of a chemical exfoliation.

Lastly the Deep Cleansing Fix, I like that this product is multi purpose as it can be used as a cream cleanser or left on the skin for 5 minutes acting as a cleansing mask, and the biggest bonus to this purchase is the size, you get so much product for your money it’s amazing. I’ve only used this a few times but from my use so far I would say it’s an easy simple cleanser which does the job, nothing fancy or special but gets the job done.

Have you tried any Nip + Fab Products? Next I’m hoping to try out the Glycolic Facial Pads!